Blue Wolf Cleaners: Ultimate Vehicle Care

By Royal Brass and Hose Marketing November 22, 2023

At Royal Brass and Hose, our understanding of automotive maintenance goes beyond mere aesthetics; it's an intricate balance of appearance, performance, and longevity. To address these comprehensive needs, we offer Blue Wolf automotive cleaning products. Let's take a closer look at each of these specialized products and discover how they can keep your vehicle in top-notch condition.

Blue Wolf Ultra Sheeting Car Wash

Imagine a car wash that not only cleans but also helps in reducing water spots and drying time. That's the Blue Wolf Ultra Sheeting Car Wash for you. It's designed to create a sheeting action that minimizes bead water, which means fewer spots and a quicker dry. The beauty of this product is its versatility. Whether you're dealing with the hot sun of summer or the harsh conditions of winter, the Blue Wolf Ultra Sheeting Car Wash ensures that your car’s exterior remains spotless and gleaming. Furthermore, the ease of use makes it ideal for those who prefer to wash their vehicles at home, delivering professional-level results with minimal effort. It's the perfect choice for car enthusiasts and professionals who demand a spot-free finish and a quick turnaround.

Blue Wolf Interior Detailer

Blue Wolf Aerosol Interior Detailer

The interior of your car is just as important as the exterior. The Blue Wolf Aerosol Interior Detailer makes maintaining the inside of your car simple and effective. It lifts dust and dirt from the interior surfaces without leaving behind a greasy residue. This means a clean, matte finish that enhances the look and feel of your car's interior. It's ideal for regular use, ensuring that your vehicle's interior is not just clean but also maintains a fresh and inviting atmosphere. Use it on the dashboard, console, and other interior components for a clean that impresses.

Blue Wolf Instant Shine

Blue Wolf Instant Shine Cherry Scented

With Blue Wolf Instant Shine Cherry Scented, you can add a pleasant aroma to the mix of cleanliness. This easy-to-use spray is perfect for busy individuals who want to quickly touch up their vehicle's look and feel. It’s suitable for a range of surfaces including plastic and vinyl, ensuring that both hard and soft interior components are left looking clean and smelling fresh. This product is designed to provide a quick, spray-on shine that refreshes surfaces instantly. Not only will your vehicle look good, but it will also smell great with the hint of cherry in the air, making your driving experience even more enjoyable.

Blue Wolf Ultra Purple Cleaner and Degreaser

Blue Wolf Ultra Purple Cleaner and Degreaser

The Blue Wolf Ultra Purple Cleaner and Degreaser is not just any cleaning solution; it's a powerhouse specifically designed for the demanding conditions of vehicle maintenance. This heavy-duty cleaner excels in removing the toughest grime from the mechanical parts of your vehicle, including the undercarriage. Its specialized formula seamlessly dissolves and eliminates dirt, debris, grease, and oil, ensuring thorough cleaning. Notably effective against corrosive road salts, a major contributor to rust, it ensures these components are pristinely clean. Its versatility means it can be used on a variety of surfaces, making it a staple in any vehicle care regimen.

Blue Wolf All-Purpose Cleaner and Degreaser

Blue Wolf All Purpose Cleaner and Degreaser

The Blue Wolf All Purpose Cleaner and Degreaser stands out for its unparalleled versatility. Suitable for a myriad of cleaning tasks, this solution can be used in a pressure washer, making it ideal for covering large areas quickly and efficiently. Its effectiveness isn't just limited to automotive use; it can be employed in various cleaning scenarios, from garage floors to industrial equipment. Available in a substantial 55-gallon drum, it caters to both personal and commercial needs, making it a valuable tool for businesses requiring large-scale cleaning solutions. This product is a testament to Blue Wolf's commitment to providing versatile, powerful, and efficient cleaning solutions for a range of applications.

Blue Wolf Easy Glass Cleaner

Blue Wolf Glass Cleaner

The Blue Wolf Glass Cleaner streak-free formula ensures that windows remain crystal clear, removing dirt, fingerprints, and other marks with ease. Not only does it improve visibility, but it also contributes to the overall aesthetic of the vehicle. The cleaner is safe for use on all types of glass, including tinted windows, making it a versatile option for a variety of vehicles. Its easy application and effective cleaning properties make it an essential product for anyone looking to maintain their vehicle in top condition.

Blue Wolf Grease Eliminator

Blue Wolf Grease Eliminator

When it comes to dealing with the toughest grease stains, the Blue Wolf Grease Eliminator is unparalleled. This product is specifically formulated to break down and remove even the most stubborn grease from various parts of your vehicle. Its effectiveness is not confined to automotive applications; it can be used in workshops, garages, and even in industrial settings where grease and oil are common problems. The Blue Wolf Grease Eliminator is a testament to the brand's commitment to providing solutions for the most challenging cleaning tasks.

Blue Wolf Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner

The Blue Wolf Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner is a meticulously formulated solution designed to tackle the toughest spills and stains that find their way into your vehicle. This powerful cleaner isn't just about surface cleaning; it penetrates deep into the fibers of carpets and upholstery, ensuring a thorough cleanse that lifts even the most stubborn stains. Whether you're dealing with a coffee spill that threatens to leave a permanent mark or mud tracks from an adventurous day out, this cleaner is equipped to handle it all. Its advanced formula is effective against a wide range of common and tough stains, including food spills, pet accidents, and everyday dirt and grime. This upholstery cleaner works diligently to break down these stains, removing them from the fabric without harming the material.

Blue Wolf Tire Shine

Blue Wolf High Gloss Tire Dressing

When it comes to tires, not only is cleanliness important, but so is protection. Developed for professional detailers, Blue Wolf High Gloss Tire Dressing is formulated to not just clean but to also leave a high-gloss, protective finish. Its self-leveling formula imparts a sleek, wet look to the tires, making them stand out and enhancing the overall appearance of your vehicle.

Blue Wolf Easy Shine

Lastly, for those quick touch-ups, the Blue Wolf Easy Shine is an all-in-one solution.  It's an all-in-one solution that provides a quick, easy application to give your vehicle a just-waxed look. Ideal for maintaining a glossy finish between washes, it ensures that the exterior of your car remains visually appealing with minimal effort. Formulated to deliver a hyper-hydrophobic effect, Blue Wolf Easy Shine repels water from the surface and outperforms hand waxes. Easy Shine is easier to apply than traditional waxes and is perfect for those who want to keep their car looking its best without the time commitment of a full wash and wax.


At Royal Brass and Hose, our selection of Blue Wolf automotive cleaners ensures that every part of your vehicle receives the care it deserves. From the deep-cleaning action of the Blue Wolf Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner to the protective sheen of the Blue Wolf High Gloss Tire Dressing, we provide products that deliver both in terms of performance and aesthetic appeal.

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