Fasteners - How to Identify by Part Number

By Marketing April 15, 2021

When dealing with screw, nuts, and bolts, understanding the part numbers can simplify ordering.  Below is a breakdown of our part numbering system.

Fastener Part Numbering System

Our Ecommerce site has them broken down by category to help you find groups of items.

The categories are organized in the below groupings:


bolts category

Carriage / Plow / Structural / Tap / Hex / Square / Elevator / J

Fixing Fasteners

Fixing Fasteners Category

Cable Ties / Washers / Wire Rope Clips

Keystock & Keys

Keystock and Keys

Keys / Keystock


Nuts category

Hex / Lock / Jam / Wing


pins category

Cotter / Dowell

Rods & Studs

rods category

Threaded Rod


Screws category

Cap Screws (Bolts) / Self Drilling / Machine / Set / Thumb / Shoulder / Flange


fastener kits in cabinet

Standard & Metric

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