5 Reasons Why NOT To Use Your Calibrated Eyeball

By Marketing August 10, 2020

You should not guess or use your “calibrated eyeball” as one of our salesmen used to tell me.  This is like the old saying "Measure Twice, Cut Once". 

5 Reasons to Measure with calipers that measure the inside diameter and the outside diameter:

  1. Wasted Time - customer, employee

  2. Wasted Material - hose, fittings, pumps, tools

  3. Extra Expense - freight and payroll add up fixing mistakes

  4. More Downtime – loss of productivity

  5. Customer Loyalty - customers depend on you to be the expert and get it right the first time

I am constantly asked for information on thread identification, so I have compiled a list of sites to help:

  1. Brennan Adapters

  2. Adaptall Tutorials (includes 24o Tube fittings, Sealing Methods, Metric Threads, British Threads)

  3. Gates Hydraulic Measuring Crimp OD

  4. Gates Thread identification

Thread ID kits available:

Thread identification for hydraulic fittings

7369-0016 Gates Thread id kit North American caps and plugs

Carrying case suitable for counter display and field sales calls. Contains 45 anodized gauges, male and female, for identifying pipe and UN/UNF 2A/2B threads. Also includes pocket thread ID kit.

Thread identification for hydraulic fittings

7369-0015 Gates Thread id kit Metric & BSP caps and plugs

Carrying case suitable for counter display and field sales calls. Contains male and female metric and British gauge for identifying thread size. Also includes pocket thread I.D. kit.

thread identification caliper gauge

7369-0322 Calipers - Digital Caliper, LCD Display, Includes Carrying Case

Need help?

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