British Threads Standard Pipe vs Flat Face Port

By Marketing May 14, 2021

British Standard Pipe fittings are among the most popular of all foreigh threads in the world today.  There is some confusion on the sealing methods of the British threads.  Below we break down these 2 types of seals.

British Standard Pipe (BSPP) - seals on cone seat.

british standard pipe fitting threads

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The BSPP (parallel male connect is similar to but not interchangeable with the American NPSM male.  The thread pitches are different in most sizes.  the female swivel BSPP has a tapered nose, which seals on the cone seat of the male.

british standard pipe sealing method

Flat Face Port with BSPP Threads (BSPPOR)

ISO 1179-1 DIN 3852, Part 2

Flat Face Port British Threads fitting

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Parallel threads seal using various sealing rings or washers, such as O-rings, bonded seals or metal to metal seals.  The female port has a machined flat surface (spotface) which the male seals against.

British flat face port sealing

For more detailed help you can view Adaptall's blog.

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