Stop Leaking Hydraulic Lines with Flangelock

By Marketing October 14, 2020

Don't leave your system open to Contamination...

FlangeLock™ is the ultimate tool for protecting your hydraulic systems from dirt contamination when detaching valves, pumps, or cylinders. We keep your hydraulic systems clean!  

Flangelock kit 08/20TBS hydraulic system

The FlangeLock™ Tool is the ultimate contamination control tool for protecting your hydraulic systems. It allows for the simple sealing of open SAE code 61, 62 & CAT-Style hydraulic flanges without tools. Constructed from lightweight aluminum. Easy on, easy off. Offers a leakproof solution to hydraulic system and environmental cleanliness. FlangeLock™ Tools stop the mess!

This Made in the USA product has 7 features you will love:

1.  No tools required

2.  No expensive hardware needed

3.  No more rags stuffed into hoses

4.  No more messy plastic caps

5.  One hand installation

6.  Eliminates hydraulic oil spills and clean up

7.  Safe for personnel and the environment

In order to tell the size of your flange, measure the diameter of your flange and use the chart below to determine its size.

oring size charge for Flangelock

More specs can be found on the manufacturers website  https://flangelock.com/specs/

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