The Basics of Hydraulic Hose

By Marketing March 05, 2021

Hydraulic hose replaced the ridged pipes and tubes used in early hydraulic systems because a hose:

  • Is less costly
  • Weighs less
  • Is better able to absorb shock and vibration
  • Is easier to route and install
  • Needs no brazing or specialized bending
  • Allows for movement between components of equipment
  • Is less likely to rust
  • Absorbs sound better
  • Dampens pressure surges

Hydraulic hoses of any type must meet very stringent standards to adapt to the pressure levels, loads, and sometimes contorted positions. Below is a list of types of hoses below by pressure to help identify by SAE (Standard Automotive Engineering) standards.

Extremely High Pressure

Extremely high-pressure hoses are reinforced with either 4 or 6 spiral wires for optimum performance and a variety of governmental agencies requirements.

SAE 100R15 has 6,000 psi operating pressure in all sizes and is used on hydrostatic transmissions, Snow groomers, blacktop milling machines, and off-road construction equipment.

SAE 100R13 has 5,000 psi operating pressure in all sizes and is used on off-road construction equipment.

100R12 have 4,000 and 3,000 psi operating pressures; used for biodegradable hydraulic fluids and petroleum-based fluids.

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High Pressure

SAE 100R2AT varies in psi per size and is used in construction, machine tool and agricultural applications.

SAE 100R16 is ½ the bend radius of the SAE 100R2 with operating pressures varying by size from 6,000 to 1,500 psi.  It also meets the specs of the SAE 100R2.

SAE 100R17 has 3,250 psi operating pressures in all sizes and is used on most farm equipment.

SAE 100R19 has 4,000 psi operating pressure in all sizes and is used on plumbing of mobile and stationary hydraulic platforms.

Jack Hose is specially designed for 10,000 psi applications for body shops and fire departments that use hydraulic jacks.

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Medium Pressure

SAE 100R1 is reinforced with one braid of high tensile wire and used on agricultural equipment and snowplows.

SAE 100R3 is used for hydraulic oil, antifreeze solutions, water, low pressure return lines, car wash wand applications.

Pressure washer hose is with hot or cold applications on van or truck mounted equipment.

SAE 100R6 has varying psi by hose size and is used for hydraulic oil and automatic transmission cooler lines.

SAE 100R5, SAE J1402 Type AII, and DOT FMVSS 106-74 Type AII. Fleet applications include airlines, lube oil line, petroleum-based oil lines, air brake, filtration, water, turbocharger oil, tilt cab cylinders, transmission coolant, power steering.

SAE 100R5 with a synthetic rubber tube (CPE) will handle phosphate ester fluids. C5D meets the SAE 100R5, SAE J1402 Type AII, DOT FMVSS 106-74 Type AII, and SAE J1019. Fleet applications include airlines, power steering lines, oil lines, airbrake lines, tilt cab cylinders, diesel fuel lines, transmission coolant lines, hot lube lines, petroleum-based or phosphate ester fluids, filtration lines, gasoline and turbocharger oil supplies.

SAE J1527 and J1942 is used in the marine market for diesel and gasoline applications and is Coast Guard approved.

SAE J1402 Type AI, DOT FMVSS 106-74 Type AI, and SAE J1019 are used on power steering, hot lube lines, fuel filters, engine and transmission coolant lines, oil lines, air brake lines.

SAE 100R7 comes in single or dual and conductive or non-conductive lines.  SAE 100R8 and 100R18 both come in conductive and non- conductive lines. All 3 vary in psi per size.  Applications include cherry pickers, lubrication lines, blowout preventer control, hydraulic lifts, farm and construction machinery.

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Low Pressure / Suction / Return Lines

SAE 100R4 is return or suction line for petroleum and water based hydraulic fluids.

30R2 (type 1 and 2) is used for water, glycol antifreeze solution, diesel fuel, gasoline, air.

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At Royal Brass and Hose we stock all of the above hydraulic hose plus many more specialty hoses and can source from many manufacturers to get you up and running. With over 70 years helping customers identify the proper hose, we can help you quickly.

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