How to Choose a PVC Layflat Hose

By Marketing July 07, 2021

Water Discharge Hose

Layflat hose may be your best choice if you are looking for a flexible, lightweight, resistance, and cost-effective hose.  Because it rolls up flat, much less storage space is needed for transportation.  This means its ideally suited for the irrigation industries such as farming, construction, mining, and rental industries.  We stock Continental brand Spiraflex® Blue and Red hose but can order other series described below.

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Continental PVC layflat options

Another area where layflat hose can be well utilized is that of flood clean up, when used in tandem with a water pump.  The water pump sucks up water from the flooded area, and then the layflat hose is used to discharge this to a safe area or flood plain that is often several hundred feet away.  Layflat hoses can be joined together quickly and easily with lever lock couplings - these allow you to create the perfect length of hose.

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