Male O-Ring Boss₁ - Female JIC Swivel₂ 90

Perfect for hydraulic applications and meets or exceeds all SAE standards. Male O-Ring Boss to Female JIC. Includes O-Ring. Elbow with Swivel end.

Fluid Conveying
For Use With
Flared Tubing, Pumps, Ports, Cylinders, Hoses
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Product Details

Applications Fluid Conveying
Body Orientation 90
Product Bulkhead 1 False
Product Bulkhead 2 False
End Style 1 O-Ring Boss
End Style 2 JIC 37° Flare
For Use With Flared Tubing
Gender 1 Male
Gender 2 Female
ProductID AD101-4019
Material Steel
Swivel 1 False
Swivel 2 True