Male British Parallel Pipe Bulkhead Union

BSPP (parallel) male connection is comparable to NPSM male except most sizes have a different thread pitch. A captive seal is made using metal to metal angled surfaces or a combination of metal to metal and an O-ring. This type of connection is very similar (but not interchangeable) with the American NPSM male. The female swivel BSPP has a tapered nose flareless swivel where the seal occurs on the cone seat of the male connector.

Fluid Conveying
For Use With
Import Equipment, Ports
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Product Details

Applications Fluid Conveying
Body Orientation Straight
Product Bulkhead 1 False
Product Bulkhead 2 True
Product Bulkhead 3 True
End Style 1 BSPP
End Style 2 BSPP
For Use With Import Equipment
Gender 1 Male
Gender 2 Male
ProductID AD201-1010
Material Carbon Steel
Standards Met ISO 8434-6
Swivel 1 False
Swivel 2 False
Swivel 3 False