Introducing Gates® MegaSys™ MXG™ 4K Hydraulic Hose

By Gates® Hydraulic Hose Specialist, Joe Anderson March 30, 2023

Royal Brass and Hose is proud to offer the Gates® MegaSys™ MXG™ 4K Hydraulic Hose. This innovative product brings a new, long-lasting and reliable solution for even the most demanding hydraulic applications.

With over 50 years of partnership, Royal Brass and Hose and Gates® Corporation continue to provide innovative hydraulic solutions and high-quality service to all their customers. We also offer educational resources and safety instruction from certified Gates hydraulic trainers. By staying current on market trends and technological advancements, Royal Brass and Hose and Gates continue to support their customers’ overall business and operations.

Increase productivity and decrease cost 

Featuring a flexible and ergonomic design, the new Gates MegaSys MXG 4K hose also facilitates easy installation. It often takes two people to install a hose when working in complex or congested systems; however, due to the incredible flexibility and lighter weight of the hose, it only requires one person for installation in most applications. The weight savings also reduces shipping and assembly costs, as well as the energy required for heavy duty application. Gates MegaSys MXG 4K Hydraulic Hose uses GS couplings and G MegaCrimp systems, saving cost on hydraulic accessories as well.

“The Gates MegaSys MXG 4K hydraulic hose offers robust benefits such as minimizing downtime, reducing labor challenges, and cutting costs.”

- Cindy Cookson, Gates Vice President, Global Hydraulic Product Management

Where can Gates MegaSys MXG 4K Hydraulic Hose be used?

Given the optimal force-to-bend ratio, this hydraulic hose feels like a wire-braid hose but has the performance of a spiral hose, made possible by Gates patented Xpiral™ technology. This makes MXG 4K useful for many hydraulic applications in a variety of industries.

  • Construction + Mining
  • Stationary
  • Forestry + Agriculture
  • Hydrostatic Drives
  • Boom Arms + Excavators
  • Off-Road
  • Rockbreaker + Water Well Rig
  • Vacuum Trucks
  • Boomer + Hammer Drill 

In fact, Gates MegaSys MXG 4K Hydraulic Hose has gone through rigorous laboratory testing and field trials to verify it can successfully perform in all the above environments.

In one field trial, a user working with a rock drill had to replace their existing hose about every 30 days. When they installed Gates MegaSys MXG 4K, their hydraulic hose was still running after a four-month field trial in harsh mining and excavating conditions! The resilience of this hose, both internally and externally, allowed this company to reap time and labor-saving benefits.

What industry standards does Gates MegaSys MXG 4K Hydraulic Hose meet?

Gates MegaSys MXG 4K Hydraulic Hose is a four-wire spiral performance product that meets a number of industry standards. It exceeds the performance criteria of ISO 18752 pressure class 280DC, which is one million impulse cycles at 120 Celsius or 250 Fahrenheit (2X spiral and 5X wire braid standards) with GlobalSpiral™ Couplings. Gates MegaSys MXG 4K Hydraulic Hose is impulse tested to the same parameters as Gates EFG4K spiral hose (pressure, temperature, and bend radius). This high-performance hydraulic hose meets classical industry standards SAE 100R12, EN856 R12, and ISO 3862 R12. For inventory consolidation, it also exceeds SAE 100R19.

How does Gates Xpiral™ woven spiral technology increase hydraulic performance?

Gates Xpiral™ woven spiral technology elevates the traditional wire spiral hose performance by creating a more compact, flexible, and lighter hydraulic hose. The compact construction with excellent flexibility and force-to-bend ratio results in a faster and more ergonomic installation (force-to-bend is 40% better and OD is 8% smaller). To promote streamlined operations, handling, and installation, Gates Xpiral Hydraulic Hose is 30% lighter weight. This innovative solution beats Parker 772 Tough Cover Hose and Eaton GHA 93 as it demonstrates advances in material science, process technology, and design models, ensuring optimized hydraulic performance.

Check out Gates Safe Hydraulics Manual for more information on hydraulic safety.

What makes the Gates XtraTuff™ Plus Cover so tough?

Gates® MegaSys™ MXG™ 4K Hydraulic Hose with XtraTuff™ Plus cover. This cover protects the hose from any damage and cracks without compromising its flexibility.

Source: Gates

Gates MSHA certified XtraTuff™ Plus cover comes standard on Gates MegaSys MXG 4K Hydraulic Hose. It offers 25 times more abrasion resistance than a standard cover as well as enhanced ozone resistance. If you are working in harsh environments that are exposed to strong UV rays, this XtraTuff™ Plus cover will protect the hose from any damage and cracks without compromising its flexibility. It also utilizes Gates GlobalSpiral™ or MegaCrimp couplings and is compatible with Gates Crimpers. The exceptional durability of Gates XtraTuff™ Plus cover supports the hydraulic system to secure the hose’s longevity, whether you are operating in a factory or a field.

Can you use traditional wire spiral hydraulic hose accessories with Gates MegaSys MXG 4K Hydraulic Hose?

Gates Mega Crimpers that are compatible with Gates MegSys 4k Hydraulic Hose. Contact Royal Brass and Hose to order. Though Gates MegaSys MXG 4K Hydraulic Hose meets the same requirements as their EFG 4K line, its compact design might require you to adjust clamps. Check your clamp fitment charts to determine if your insert must be adjusted to secure the more compact MXG 4K hose. Because MXG 4K is so flexible, hose routings might be able to be optimized to improve performance or reduce cost. Some customers have found that these improved routings allowed shorter hose assemblies to be used, or eliminated the need for complex, bent couplings.

Gates MegaSys MXG 4K Hydraulic Hose uses the same GlobalSpiral™ couplings system as EFG 4k. You can also use Gates MegaCrimp couplings on size is 12 or smaller.

To get information on Gates Crimper specifications please contact your Royal Brass and Hose customer service representative. They can ensure you have the proper ferrules, crimp diameters, and crimp settings with your Gates Crimper.

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