Four Reasons to Use Air Hoses Instead of Hydraulics

By Royal Brass and Hose Marketing December 21, 2020

In the manufacturing world you might ask when or why should I use air hose instead of hydraulic hose? Pneumatics follow the same power movement principle as hydraulics except it involves the movement of gases instead of fluids.  While pneumatics and hydraulics each have their ideal places in a wide range of industrial operations, there are times when it’s beneficial to use air hoses to meet your needs.

Four Reasons to Use Air Hoses

  1. Clean power: Pneumatics is cleaner than hydraulics. If there’s a leak, only air is released instead of slick fluids which are dangerous and hard to clean.

  2. Easy Set-up: It is normally easier to set-up because many industrial facilities already provide compressed air.

  3. Long Term Investment: Pneumatic equipment might be more expensive overall than hydraulic equipment, but generally it requires less maintenance and has a longer operating lifespan.

  4. Speed: Although air hoses aren’t made for high pressure applications, they provide for rapid movement operations. They are designed with speed in mind, not strength.

The real-world applications for air hoses are seemingly beyond measure as they can be used in all forms of industrial automation.  Air hoses can supply power to cylinders and vacuum pumps as well as funnel compressed air to jackhammers, staplers and impact tools.  They can even be used to provide vehicle functionality for mobile equipment and can also be used in areas of agriculture, mining and drilling.  Having been designed for age, weather, and oil resistance, this type of hose is suitable to transport air in multiple workplace environments and conditions.

Frontier Continental Rubber Air Hose

Frontier industrial hose is produced for a wide range of manufacturing, construction and agricultural uses. 

Continental Frontier air hose reel layline

Features include:

·         Red or Black Cover

·         One-braid spiral synthetic yarn reinforcement

·         Synthetic rubber tube rated for limited oil resistance

·         Temperature rating of -40 degrees to 190 degrees F200, 250 or 300 psi

·         1/4” ID to 1-1/2” ID available

Blue F5 Continental Air Hose

Used mainly in construction and manufacturing, Blue F5 Continental Air Hose differs from the Frontier brand in several ways.

Continental F5 air hose layline

Features include:

  • Blue thermoplastic cover offering lightweight flexibility and all weather performance

  • Highly flexible polyester yarn reinforcement rated for medium oil resistance and low temperatures

  • 300 psi

  • Sold in bulk reels, custom lengths and 50’ assemblies

  • 1/4" ID to 3/4" ID available

PVC Air Hose Continental (PLIOVIC)

The PVC Air Hose Continental is a premium air hose offering better oil resistance and electrical resistance than rubber. It is used in construction, agriculture, industrial, and many different multi-purpose applications.

Continental Pliovic premium air hose

Features include:

  • Smooth red PLIOVIC cover

  • Medium/High oil resistant tube with spiral synthetic yarn reinforcement

  •  250 psi

  • Temperature rating of -10 degrees to 158 degrees

  • 1/4” ID to 1” ID available

  • Can used for water and spray solutions

What Royal Brass and Hose Offers

RBH stocks Continental—Frontier, and F5 rubber air hoses along with PLIOVIC (PVC) air hose. Rubber air hose is sold in bulk reels and in heavy-duty, pre-made assemblies of 25’ or 50’ lengths.  Bulk hose lengths and assemblies can be customized upon request. 

The RBH Hose Shop air hose assemblies come complete with crimped 1/4" male brass NPT pipe thread fittings and brass ferrules on each end.  They are rated at either 200 or 250 psi depending on the type of hose.  All assemblies are resistant to oil, abrasion, sunlight, and ozone. 

Considering using an air hose in an application? 

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